Indigenous Artisan Jewelry

When you purchase from this collection, you are not only acquiring a beautifully handcrafted item but also directly supporting the livelihood of these incredible artists. Every purchase makes a meaningful impact, allowing these artisans to sustain their traditions, preserve their cultural heritage, and thrive in their communities.

We believe in fostering a sustainable and equitable business model, and that's why we work closely with these local artisans, ensuring fair wages and empowering them as entrepreneurs. By embracing their creations, you become an integral part of this transformative journey, forging a direct connection between art, culture, and community.


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Danielle Redgun Beaded EarringsDanielle Redgun Beaded Earrings
Ila CraneBear Assorted Beaded EarringsIla CraneBear Assorted Beaded Earrings
Danielle Redgun MMIW Red Dress Pins
Ila CraneBear Small Beaded EarringsIla CraneBear Small Beaded Earrings
Sheena ManyHeads Beaded Hide Medicine bagsSheena ManyHeads Beaded Hide Medicine bags
Sheena ManyHeads Ribbon Hair TiesSheena ManyHeads Ribbon Hair Ties
Danielle Redgun Geometric Beaded MedallionDanielle Redgun Geometric Beaded Medallion
Sheena ManyHeads Hoop EarringsSheena ManyHeads Hoop Earrings
Sheena ManyHeads Violet Heart Earrings
Sheena ManyHeads Red dress pins
Sheena ManyHeads CLIP ON EarringsSheena ManyHeads CLIP ON Earrings
Ila CraneBear Big Beaded EarringsIla CraneBear Big Beaded Earrings
Ila CraneBear Wrap LanyardsIla CraneBear Wrap Lanyards
Ila CraneBear Wrap Lanyards Sale price$123.50
Ila CraneBear MMIW Set
Ila CraneBear MMIW Set Sale price$182.00
Ila CraneBear MMIW Pins
Ila CraneBear MMIW Pins Sale price$39.00
Danielle Redgun Beaded Poppy Purple Pin
Danielle Redgun Calgary Stampeders Beaded Medallion
Danielle Redgun Beaded Snowflake Earrings